Etsy Picks

Everytime when i visit Etsy i get so exited while viewing all these designers lovely items. It's hard for me not to buy every item i love on Etsy ! I have so many favourites on Etsy that i would happily like to share with you. So prepare to see a lot of these lovely items on my blog that i collect from this amazing marketplace !

Here are some of my favourite Etsy picks, hopefully you will enjoy them as much as I have.

1. Two lovely screenpainted cotton/linen napkins from Skinny laMinx. 2. And a beautiful pinecone print from Daily Colours. Made by Saskia van Oers, a photographer from the Netherlands.

Birds, birds, birds. These make me happy ! This is a great find, for sure ! 3.This charming Victorian era beehive bird cage from Sadie Olive. 4. Fell in love with these birdprints from Trampoline. She makes beautiful pictures and i love her productstyling.

5. Beautifully illustrated vintage textile banners by MonkeyPuzzle

6. Sweet and classy fridge magnet set from Uncommen. Don't you just like the fresh colours ? 7. Shrinkled plastic "hello"necklace from Super duper things.

8. Last but far from least. Lovely work from Julia Pot. A freelance animation and illustrator working from London. She has a lot of talent and a very original style.

So... that will be all ! Hope that you enjoyed my picks this week!

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