Finished my new blog and portfolio !

Hi everyone. I know it's been a while but I'm happy to say that I've finished my new blog/portfolio. From now on I only talk about photography and my daily happenings and I hope you would like to follow me on my next big thing !! You can visit my website over here, it's called Elementa Images. Hope to hear from you soon !! Thank you for your patience.

New blog: Elementa images >>

I haven't forgotten !

Hey everyone, how are you doing ? I'm still doing fine over here but I just wanted to let you guys know that I haven't forgotten about you ! Last days/week was extremely busy for me at work and I'm still very busy with my new webpage witch I'm planning to launch this Summer. It's a lot of work and in the meantime I'm taking a lot of pictures for it ! The name of my blog is still going to be a secret !! See you soon, enjoy your weekend ! Here in The Netherlands it's going to be a nice one and very hot !!!

Below some of the pictures I've took a week ago, I altered them in a way so they look a little bit older in a vintage kind of way !

Photo © Me

On the Move

My apologizes for the few updates on this blog, I'm currently planning of moving this blog to a new domain and I'm searching for a right solutions to integrate this blog in a portfolio or something like that. I"m thinking of new name but it's a bit tricky because all the good ones are already taken ! Maybe I should go with my own name ! What do you think ?

Photo credit © Me

Trough The Lens: Lupen Grainn Photography

I really like Lupen Grainne's view on photography. Lupen is a self taught full time photographer, living in Northern California. Her work features creative home decor photography prints and cards, vintage inspired and contemporary styles, nature and landscape photography and travel photography from Hawaii, France and Italy.

Her fine art photography captures nature and life at its best, the pictures draw you in with their warmth, dreamy lazy Summer feel and charm as I'm sure you would agree.

I adore her soft tones and colorful processing and the sweet way in which she captures beautiful objects. These are gorgeous photos, I love their dreamy and antique feel to it ! If you're are planning to buy some of her work you can do that by visiting her two lovely  shops over here and here.

Photo credit © Lupen Grainn

Soft Light Against Hard Light

Got up early this morning at 07.00 to take my weekly daily trip to the forest. Next to the forest there is a small botanical garden which I visit on a weekly or two weeks basis. Every time there growing something else and every time it's a surprise to find out what's popping out next ! Below some images I took today. Hope You like them as mush as I do. These are shot with my new 50mm 1.4 Nikkor lens, witch will get you a very nice bokeh (the little bright circles in the back)

Photo credit © Me

A Change In The Wind: About Me

Hi There, how is your week going so far ? Mine's very good ! Especially now I'm the proud owner of a new 50 mm lens. These are great for up close portraits and give a awesome details in for example street of object photography.  I'm very much involved in photography these days so I'm going to devote more attention to this on my site. I'm shooting for years now but have started taking photography seriously about one year ago and have recently updated my photography equipment and supplies. To me there’s no greater feeling in the world than when I’m out shooting, being ‘right in the moment’ to capture the beauty of this world. When I’m taking photos I forget about everything else around me and I’m happier than I could ever be. - How are you feeling about this ? Exited to see more or disappointed ? Of course I'm happy to show you some of my favorites like I always do but I think this is the right direction for me, I would be stupid not to follow it don't you think ?

A fun shoot: Cookie splash photo's. With a little practice it became very easy to freeze these splash moments ! Don't you just love the details of the splashes ?

Photo credit © Me

Currently Loving

I thought you might like these bright and colorful products from Camel & Yak. A fine shop featuring beautiful and delicate French and Scandinavian decoration products and gifts. I'm in love with the colors !My favorite one is the last image with the two bright blue lamps. And I love that cute shelf.

Photo credit ©  Camel & Yak

And We're Back !

Hey everybody, I'm back ! It was a dramatic week for me but it's all ok now ! I've sold my old house and now I'm happily living with my new love ! I want you all to know that I am doing very well, your sweet messages and comments about me and this blog were heartwarming ! It really cheered me up so I could keep on going ! You're the best ! So a big thank you to all of you ! I'm soon going to work on some posts for you ! Here's some of my photography, this also helped a lot for me last week to de-stress a little bit !

Photo credit © Me

An Important Note To You

Hello my dears, I just wanted to let you know that I'll be away for a while. I'm very busy regarding the sale of my old house. I've sold it but there are some problems with the persons who are buying it (the selling of my house might not be able to continue). Therefor I'm hanging on the phone all day with different companies for a week now and there's no ending to it. It has taken all of my energy and I'm very exhausted by all the paperwork involving. So I really need some time of writing to get things straight and clear in my head. I've waited a few days to say this to you thinking it will blow over but it didn't. It's very hard for me to say because I love my blog and writing for you, it has always been my passion and now I feel no joy writing this way. I think it's the best for me to step aside for a moment and come back when things are back to normal. I wish there was another way but their isn't. I hope you'll understand, therefor a big thanks. If feel lost in a big world like this bumblebee. - Jojanne

Photo credit © Jojanne

Watercolor birds from Maggie Zhang

These made me very happy this morning ! Fabulous watercolor print from gorgeous birdies. Made by Maggie Zhang
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