Amazing Illustrations from Diana Sudyka

I can't remember when I stumbled over these lovely illustration but I instantly fell for it. I don't know why I failed to mention this to you guys earlier because these illustrations are by far the most beautiful I've ever seen ! I like these so much because they represent nature and animals, two things I love the most. And I think you guys already know that I'm a sucker for green, blue, black and white colours !

These amazing illustrations are made by Diana Sudyka. She is an illustrator living in the Chicago area that creates work for book and album covers, screenprinted gigposters, and original watercolors. Currently she creates illustration work for everything from books, album artwork, screenprinted rock posters, to watercolors for her natural history blog The Tiny Aviary that documents her experience volunteering for the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History.

The first print that caught my attention was this this beautiful Artic Fox print. How amazing ! If you want to see more of her amazing work visit her website here. She also has a bigcartel webshop. Be sure to check this out also !

{images by Diana Sudyka, placed with permission}

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