Thing I Like

Yummie kitchen illustrations from Lucile's kitchen. Lucile is an illustrator living in Paris, in France. Want to seen more from Lucile ? Take a look at her illustrator's website, and you will see much more off her lovely work.

On the left: Fun and stylish moneybox "Mr. Owl" from the Barn van ligt shop. On the right: Fantastic thermos from the Danish brand Rice sold by Huset shop.

On the left: Set of 6 assorted adorable postcards from Gingiber artwork. One the right: Don´t you just love these cute blue tins with loose tea from the Løv Organic shop !

Beautiful illustrated family planner from Pimpelmees. Super skilful and time-saving in your busy family. This ultimate family planner is in fact indispensable in each family. There´s room for six family members. Only a small edition has been pressed. So hurry !

On the left: Eco-friendly and supercute peas illustrated note pad from Night Owl Paper Goods. On the right: Let this beautiful birdie transmit your personal love message ! Buy this from Het Zijstraatje.

On the left: Beautiful linnen cushion with leaf applique by Made from Snug Gallery. On the right: Hand printed eco tote bag with deer print from Chocolate Creative.

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