Element Clay Studio Ceramics

Meet Heather Knight, an internationally recognized ceramic artist living in Asheville, United States. In 2007 she started selling her ceramics on Etsy and since then she's garnered a lot of attention form the world wide design community. She's inspired by textures and forms which she finds on the beach when taking trips to the sea, a walk in the woods or stuff she finds laying on the sidewalk.

She believes in keeping true to the hand made process of her art and does not use any means of mass production. She starts making prototypes in clay. But works almost exclusively in porcelain, because she thinks its the smoothest and most wonderful thing to touch in the world !

I recently stumbled upon Heather's gorgeous ceramic work, and instantly fell in love with her unique pieces. These beautiful ceramics will make great centerpieces for any special occasion. I really love the plain white with a little bit of colour in the center. And these colours are my favorites !

Photo credit: © Element Clay Studio

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