Wonderful Nature Prints

Oh my, you don't know how much I love these original botanical art prints ! As a nature freak like me I'm so exited when I find such lovely items like these for decorating my home ! This shop is called Miles of Light (lovely name), founded by Romina Bacci, a graphic designer and photographer born in Argentina and currently living in Texas. For the past 10 years she's been working in design, in the fashion industry and graphic design fields, including branding, editorial and photography

Her work has such a beautiful stillness to it, absolutely breathtaking ! It reminds me of all the small simple beauty that surrounds us everyday we just seem to forget it's just right there. I've posted a few of my favorite items and images but it was very difficult to choose because they are all very beautiful !!

She also runs another shop called Dear June, a long time dream and project of her creating a line of accessories with natural materials. I'm absolutly feeling the natural touch in her line of accessories. So soft, clean and minimalistic.

If you've got the time then visit her lovely blog right here or her original website for more of her beautiful work and photography !

...Thanks Romina, for sharing the beautiful simplicity of the natural world.

{all images from Romina Bacci, placed with permission}

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