Scout & Catalogue: Unique and Up-Cycled

Just bumped into a lovely shop that features amazing hand dyed scarfs and bags, all handmade by Breanna. A few years ago, after working for several years as a creative director, Breanna moved to Mexico to be closer to family and to experience a new culture. During her time there she began experimenting with dyeing fabrics and sewing bags and scarves that captured the bohemian lifestyle of her new surroundings.

Now she's moved back and is living in Canada and for the last year Breanna has been designing and producing the accessories line Scout & Catalogue. Her work is created from fabrics found at thrift stores which are then up-cycled into a new piece. All pieces are unique and in a limited edition. The scarfs are really beautiful and the colors are amazing ! Everything in her shop pure bliss !

 Photo credit © Scout & Catalogue

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SeaofGirasoles said...

nice fabrics. brown bags looks awesome

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