Trough The Lens: Lupen Grainn Photography

I really like Lupen Grainne's view on photography. Lupen is a self taught full time photographer, living in Northern California. Her work features creative home decor photography prints and cards, vintage inspired and contemporary styles, nature and landscape photography and travel photography from Hawaii, France and Italy.

Her fine art photography captures nature and life at its best, the pictures draw you in with their warmth, dreamy lazy Summer feel and charm as I'm sure you would agree.

I adore her soft tones and colorful processing and the sweet way in which she captures beautiful objects. These are gorgeous photos, I love their dreamy and antique feel to it ! If you're are planning to buy some of her work you can do that by visiting her two lovely  shops over here and here.

Photo credit © Lupen Grainn

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Anonymous said...

Wow, gorgeous shots. You have a great eye!

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