Delightful ceramics

Ceramics can be perfect the perfect accessoiry for decorating your home.
These ceramics bolow are splendid because of its simplicity and natural " look". Enjoy some of these lovely designs !

1. Amazing handmade ceramics and art jewelry from Leili Art & Design. 2. Handmade porcelain and stone ceramics by Elephantceramics. (check out her blog over here) Love the deep blue colours ! Did you notice the stucture in the plates ?

3. Original hand drawn ceramics by Jimbobart. 4. Handmade ceramics from Canvas. Canvas also sells wooden objects, textiles, accessories and furniture.

5. Newmoonstudio makes functional ceramics as well as decorative pieces. Love the inside colours of these bowls. Feels like springtime ! And i'm so ready for it !

6. Unique and high-quality ceramics with one natural touch from Kari ceramics.

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