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Today I've got a great Etsy shop for you called Zakka Nouveau ! Instant smitten ! Zakka Nouveau is a graphic and product design studio runned by Satsuki Shibuya a Japanese-American girl living in LA, and she makes the loveliest aprons, potholders and purses with the cutest patterns ! And all of these lovely items are handmade.  She has a lovely blog too ! Please check it out over here. Enjoy some of my favourites !

Important: She decided to launch a project called ‘stitch+connect’. Zakka Nouveau will be releasing a limited edition project where each day, for the next month, a special product will be made. Each product will include some patchwork from remnant fabrics, which is the ‘stitch’ part + to drive home the idea that one can contribute somehow with the things that they have around them = the connect part !

100% of the sales (minus shipping + materials) will be donated to one of the charities listed on her blog, which the purchaser can choose ! For more information read her blogpost about The Stich+Connect Project.

{all images from Zakka Nouveau and John Miller photography}

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Anonymous said...

Cutest coasters i've ever seen.

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