The lovely Bailey Doesn't Bark shop

I just stumbled upon this gorgeous online store and now I'm totally in love with the ceramics at etsy shop, Bailey Doesn't Bark. Artist Re Jin Lee is the brain behind Bailey Doesn't Bark, an independent online shop carrying a line of crafted ceramics, textiles, and paper goods.

These are pretty fabulous. Simple and lovely. The design on them is great plus, all  products are 100% recycled and printed with soy ink, which i love. Please check out the Bailey Doesn’t Bark shop. I think you’ll find a new favorite place for unique gifts ! Take a look at some of my favorite products below. Enjoy !

Ants all over this sweet handmade pouch with many great uses. Specially made for the animals affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

{images from  Bailey Doesn’t Bark shop}

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vivian hoebe said...

oh! just found out about your blog! love it!

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