Beautiful Fabric Lampions

Let me introduce to you: Maartje van den Noort, living and working in Amsterdam makes these beautiful fabric lampions. She likes unusual color and pattern combinations, work structurally impulsive and like textiles. For the Lampions she uses vintage fabrics but with her own illustrations on it. She also makes clothing, interior textiles and accessories. Oh my, I definitely have to put these amazing lamps on my wishlist !

In her own words: " I like the simplicity of drawing, a pencil and a nice clean sheat to start with. Drawing will always be themain part of my work."

Besides her own work she has a project called Macaroni. She and a friend give workshops to children. They  organise creative projects in schools for children to get acquainted with art. Want to see more of her work ? Visit Maartje online at Mijn Naam Is Maartje, Maartjes Lampen or see her portfolio over here.

She's happy to ship outside The Netherlands ! If you would like to order one of her amazing lampions, please contact her here for any questions and shipping quotes. Dutch customers can buy her lamps at the following stores: Restored (Amsterdam), Mien Domus (Zierikszee) and Beter en Leuk (Amsterdam).

{all images from Maartje van den Noort placed with permission}

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