An Important Note To You

Hello my dears, I just wanted to let you know that I'll be away for a while. I'm very busy regarding the sale of my old house. I've sold it but there are some problems with the persons who are buying it (the selling of my house might not be able to continue). Therefor I'm hanging on the phone all day with different companies for a week now and there's no ending to it. It has taken all of my energy and I'm very exhausted by all the paperwork involving. So I really need some time of writing to get things straight and clear in my head. I've waited a few days to say this to you thinking it will blow over but it didn't. It's very hard for me to say because I love my blog and writing for you, it has always been my passion and now I feel no joy writing this way. I think it's the best for me to step aside for a moment and come back when things are back to normal. I wish there was another way but their isn't. I hope you'll understand, therefor a big thanks. If feel lost in a big world like this bumblebee. - Jojanne

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Heidi said...

Hi Jojanne, kan me heel goed voorstellen dat je je energie even moet sparen in zo'n situatie!Nooit leuk, papierwerk en geregel..maar 't komt vast wel goed! succes en op tijd even chillen!

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