Trough the Lens: Jackie Rueda photography

Hello everyone, how are doing today ? I hope you are also enjoying a sunny day like I am ! I wanted to bring some color to you this day by showing you some amazing work from the talented Jackie Rueda, a photographer living in Montreal, Canada.

I adore her soft tones and colorful processing and the sweet way in which she captures beautiful objects. I am amazed by her talent, Jackie has a beautiful view of life and colors. Be sure to visit her Flickr page for more beautiful pictures. If you are interested in purchasing some of her work you can to that by visiting her shop over here.

I have definitely fallen in love with her gorgeous colorful pictures ! Can't wait to see what she's going to do next !

Photo credit © Jackie Rueda


kitty said...

I love the Jackie Rueda's work. It's so powerfully and clear at the same time. I'd like some day have the same quality in my work as she does in her work!

I like your blog too, I add it to my favorites so later I can check it out!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, how stunning !

Hello Olive said...

wow, her photos are beautiful!

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