A Change In The Wind: About Me

Hi There, how is your week going so far ? Mine's very good ! Especially now I'm the proud owner of a new 50 mm lens. These are great for up close portraits and give a awesome details in for example street of object photography.  I'm very much involved in photography these days so I'm going to devote more attention to this on my site. I'm shooting for years now but have started taking photography seriously about one year ago and have recently updated my photography equipment and supplies. To me there’s no greater feeling in the world than when I’m out shooting, being ‘right in the moment’ to capture the beauty of this world. When I’m taking photos I forget about everything else around me and I’m happier than I could ever be. - How are you feeling about this ? Exited to see more or disappointed ? Of course I'm happy to show you some of my favorites like I always do but I think this is the right direction for me, I would be stupid not to follow it don't you think ?

A fun shoot: Cookie splash photo's. With a little practice it became very easy to freeze these splash moments ! Don't you just love the details of the splashes ?

Photo credit © Me

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Kinga said...

I love to see more photos! These ones are gorgeous!

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